Ferrick v. Spotify USA Inc.


If you are the owner of a copyright that has been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office (or for which an application for registration has been filed) for a musical composition that Spotify USA Inc. (“Spotify”) made available for interactive streaming and/or limited downloading between December 28, 2012 and June 29, 2017, and you contend that Spotify did so without a license, you might be eligible to receive benefits from a class action settlement.


On May 26, 2017, the parties entered into a settlement which resolves a class action lawsuit alleging that Spotify made certain musical compositions available on its service without a license. The two sides disagree about whether Spotify engaged in any wrongdoing and whether it is subject to any liability. The court has not decided which side is right. To view the Settlement in its entirety click here.

On June 29, 2017 the Court issued an Order Granting Plaintiffs’ Unopposed Motion for Preliminary Approval of Settlement. The court still must hold a hearing to decide whether to grant final approval to this settlement. The Settlement Class will receive the relief only if the court grants final approval and after any appeals are resolved in favor of the settlement.

Your rights—and the deadlines to exercise them—are explained on this website and on the Settlement Notice.

Remain in the Settlement Class and Submit a Claim Form to Receive Payment By doing nothing, you remain part of the Settlement Class, and do not need to take any immediate action. If the Settlement is approved, you may receive the benefits of the Settlement— including a payment from the Settlement Fund and future royalties—if you submit a claim and it is valid, complete, and timely submitted.

You will need to visit this website at a later date to complete and submit a claim form. At that time, this website will include a database of Spotify tracks to assist the submission of Claim Forms by Settlement Class Members. The deadline to submit a claim is 210 days after the Settlement Claims Start Date.
Exclude Yourself Get no benefit and avoid being bound by the settlement. This is the only option that allows you ever to be part of a different lawsuit against Spotify concerning the legal claims in this case. You may request exclusion by writing a letter or mailing the form available here. You may also obtain a request for exclusion form from the Settlement Administrator by emailing info@SpotifyPublishingSettlement.com or by calling 1-855- 474-3853. The deadline for excluding yourself is September 12, 2017.
Object Write to the court about why you don’t like the settlement. The deadline for objecting is September 12, 2017.
Go to a Hearing Ask to speak in court about the fairness of the settlement. The hearing will be December 1, 2017.