Ferrick v. Spotify USA Inc.

Claim Form

Claim forms are not yet available, but will be upon final Court approval of settlement. The final approval hearing is scheduled for December 1, 2017. Approximately sixty days after final approval, if granted, claim forms will become available for you to complete. Any appeals may delay when claim forms will become available. A searchable database of all tracks available on Spotify in the United States during the Class Period will be accessible on this website at the same time claim forms are made available.

If the Court approves the settlement, you will be able to file a claim on this website via an online claiming webpage. To make a claim, you must provide the copyright registration number for a musical work you have registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Then to complete your claim, you can search a database of tracks which were available on Spotify during the Class Period to identify those tracks which embody your registered musical work.

More details and instructions on how to file a claim or how to file bulk claims will be made available if the Court approves the settlement on or after December 1, 2017. Please check here periodically for updates.

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